language ˈlaŋɡwɪdʒ/

the method of human communication, either spoken or written,
consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.
"a study of the way children learn language" Learn more

spelling / spɛlɪŋ /

The act of forming of words from letters The way in which a word is correctly spelled Learn more

writing / ˈWrītiNG /

The activity or skill of marking coherent words
on paper and composing text.
"parents want schools to concentrate on reading, writing, and arithmetic" Learn more

Welcome to
Sydney Therapy & Co

Sydney Therapy & Co is a child and family centred speech pathology, occupational and educational therapy service. We provide assessment and intervention for children and young people who are experiencing difficulty with speech, language, literacy & participation in everyday life skills such as play, attention, writing, organisation and independence.

Our vision is to deliver evidence based and individualised programs, tailored to meet every need. Sydney Therapy & Co work collaboratively with parents and teaching professionals to ultimately see your child succeed in therapy as well as in the classroom.

We aim to help your child walk away with good reading strategies, greater knowledge in using letter-sound relationships, and more motivation to write and link ideas.

About us

As Speech Pathologists we are able to use our sound and language knowledge expertise to target literacy using specific intervention

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As Speech Pathologists we are able to use our sound and language knowledge expertise to target literacy using specific intervention.


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Speech & Language
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We frequently receive referrals for the following concerns.

Difficulty in understanding the child’s speech sounds after 24 months of age

Lack of understanding in following commands and multiple-step instruction

Slow to show an understanding of new words

Cognitive changes such as decreased memory or problem solving skills

Struggling or not able to start conversations with others

Difficulty with executive functioning skills (planning, organisation, time management and self monitoring)

Difficulty communicating thoughts for verbal or written expression

Poor progress in literacy with spelling, reading and writing for age appropriate expectations

 Difficulty with or not responding to directions, questions or conversations with others

Refer your child for speech language therapy or occupational therapy

Sydney Therapy & Co offers a range of therapy options for children of all ages.

Speak with one of our team about speech therapy, occupational or educational therapy. We are available by email or you are welcome to call us for a free phone consult.

Unit 5 & 6 46 Burns Bay Road,
Lane Cove NSW 2066
(Week days 8.00am – 6.00pm)

Saturday (8:30-12:00)


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Tel: 0449-619-182


Speech Pathology

Executive Functioning for attention, working memory, sequencing, problem solving and more

Literacy skills for spelling, read and writing

Speech sound production articulation, lisp, clarity, voice

Fluency stuttering and cluttering

Language comprehension and expression

Pragmatics language use and social aspects of communication

Occupational Therapy

Participatation in everyday tasks in the playground, classroom and home

Handwriting legibly considering their pencil grasp, letter formation & speed

Development for play and relationships with family and friends

Organisation for self, belongings and following routines

Attention to tasks within different environments

Independence in everyday tasks, such as getting ready for the day.