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Our vision is to deliver evidence based and individualised programs, tailored to meet every need. Sydney Therapy & Co work collaboratively with parents and teaching professionals to ultimately see your child succeed in therapy as well as in the classroom.

Why a Speech Pathologist?
As speech language pathologists, we work on helping children and young people to:

use clear speech sounds
follow directions and concepts to understand others in every day environments
use vocabulary that is appropriate for their age to express themselves in thoughts and feelings
manage their social thinking skills for better social interaction with peers and in their community
use a family based stuttering therapy to manage fluency
improve their literacy skills for reading, writing and spelling
improve their skills in written expression for sentences, stories, and expression at all ages of school
access learning in their environments by working closely with schools and other educators
 build life skills in planning, organisation, time management, monitoring, self control and working memory.

The ability to communicate effectively is often taken for granted but is essential in all aspects of everyday life.

Why an Occupational Therapist?
As Occupational Therapists, we work on helping children and young people to:

  • participate in everyday tasks
  • write legibly considering their pencil grasp, letter formation and speed
  • play and develop relationships with their friends and family
  • maintain their attention to tasks
  • organise their ideas when writing
  • use a computer
  • get dressed and ready for the day independently  
  • organise their belongings and follow routines
  • manage playground obstacles  

The specialists in Speech, Language, Literacy & Life Skills



Vanessa Leaver

Founder, Owner, Principal Therapist
Speech Pathologist Certified member of Speech Pathology Australia + medicare provider.
Speech Pathology Australia, Private Practice Leader – North/ North West, NSW

Vanessa founded the Lane Cove location in July 2014. Prior to this, she has worked cross culturally over the last 8 years as a Speech Pathologist in Auckland, Tokyo and Sydney. Initially employed with the Ministry of Education in Auckland, the role included working with culturally diverse needs across a variety of speech and language disorders. In 2011, Vanessa started a private practice in Tokyo, Japan, working with expat schools, teachers and families on speech, literacy, and adolescent language difficulties.

Vanessa’s professional experience includes the depth and breadth of working with speech disorders, stuttering, delayed language, coupled with coaching skills in organisation, planning, time management and self-monitoring. She specialises in literacy and sound therapy for reading, spelling and writing. ​ Vanessa is actively involved with Speech Pathology Australia, the national body for the profession, volunteering as North/ North West NSW Private Practice Leader. She enjoys blogs and networking with like-minded professionals. Outside running a business and clients she enjoys running, flower art, inspirational books, design and spending time with people.


Tommie Clark

Certified member of Speech Pathology Australia and a medicare provider.
Speech Pathologist – All ages

Tommie completed the Masters of Speech and Language Pathology (MSLP) at Macquarie University where she focused her research on “Collaboration and Educational Change: the Effects of Teacher Training on Vocabulary Acquisition in Language Impaired Students”. This demonstrates her desire and passion to work with school-aged language clients.

Tommie continues to upskill and have professional interests in child and adolescent communication difficulties, such as literacy disorders, speech and language delays. Tommie includes executive functioning skills to assist adolescents with organisation, social skills and time management. Having been trained in the Spalding Method, she has extensive skills in the area of literacy with both primary and secondary aged students.

In her spare time, she will opt for bike riding, travelling and wine tours, and volunteer her time to community projects around Redfern and Surry Hills.


Rosy Lloyd

Certified member of Speech Pathology Australia and a medicare provider.
Speech Pathologist – Adolescent focus.

Rosy studied at the University of Birmingham, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies with honours. After arriving in Sydney in 2004 Rosy worked as a graphic designer before completing a Masters of Speech Language Pathology at the University of Sydney. ​ Rosy has worked in paediatric private practice assessing and treating children with a range of difficulties including speech disorders, language delays/ impairments, social skill difficulties, fluency and literacy difficulties and is trained in the Spalding Method.

Alongside private practice work, Rosy also works as a Witness Intermediary in the Sydney Child Sexual Offence Evidence Pilot that commenced in March 2016. This position involves assessing the child victim’s communication needs and informing police and the court on the best ways to communicate with the child giving evidence. Rosy is passionate about incorporating creative ideas into therapy: using drawing, art and play to make therapy both fun and relevant to children and adolescents. When she is not working with other peoples children she spends that time with her own three children, creating, reading and managing life!

Joanne McLeod

Joanne McLeod

Practice Manager Assistant

Joanne is our wonderful Practice Manager Assistant. Her role is to help the running of Sydney Therapy & Co with all that we have coming. Joanne will be working closely with the team so we can work better with you on the speech pathology and occupational therapy and leave the paperwork to the professional!

Joanne has recently completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and has also attained a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences and a Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing.  Joanne has had a hand in part ownership of a vineyard in Orange NSW, managing high end fashion stores and is a sales support role at a real estate agency.

Joanne is a Lane Cove local, mother of three and in her own time, enjoys the gym and running, her book club group,  being creative!

Georgia Clarke - Occupational Therapist

Georgia Clarke

Senior Occupational Therapist – Certified member of AHPRA and a medicare provider.

Georgia Clarke is part of the team at Sydney Therapy & Co as an Occupational Therapist. Georgia is motivated to enable her clients to participate in all aspects of their lives through her wide variety of knowledge and experience working with children and adolescents to achieve their goals.

Georgia is also a practicing Speech Pathologist and is passionate about using her knowledge from both professions in order to support children and their families. Georgia studied both her Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) and Masters of Speech Language Pathology at the University of Sydney.

Outside her work life, Georgia is involved in playing water polo and likes to spend time with her friends and family over coffee or hanging out .

Maree Rowan

Maree Rowan 

Speech Pathologist  – Certified member of SPA and medicare provider

Welcome to Maree Rowan, our Speech Pathologist. Maree studied at the Australian Catholic University for both her Bachelor of Teaching in Primary Education and her Bachelor  of Speech Pathology. She is a former primary school teacher who has retrained as a Speech Pathologist.

Maree is aware of the daily demands of children and their families as she has two children of her own. She uses creative and fun therapy ideas that work with the current best practice. Maree’s knowledge in literacy extends to developing resources, running reading group activities targeting those at risk students and working closely with teachers.

Maree enjoys spending time at the beach and getting lost in a good novel.


Sonia Dhiri

Certified practicing Speech Pathologist| member of Speech Pathology Australia | Medicare provider

Sonia is a registered speech pathologist after completing her degree at the University of Sydney. Sonia has had experience treating children with a range of difficulties including speech and language delays, behavioural difficulties, fluency disorders and literacy difficulties in both clinical and community settings. Sonia’s vibrant personality and passion for working with kids makes her an approachable therapist that both children and families enjoy working with.

Sonia also has experience seeing clients with additional needs. She has developed a passion for early language therapy with a particular interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sonia is further developing her skills by becoming a Hanen trained practitioner. In addition, Sonia is also trained in providing the Lidcombe Program therapy to children who stutter. She utilises her clinical experiences and training to empower families to support and stimulate their children’s communication in natural settings.

Outside of work, Sonia enjoys training at the gym, going to the beach and catching up with
friends over a nice meal.


Sarah Bourne

Occupational Therapist – Certified member of AHPRA and a medicare provider.

Sarah has joined the Sydney Therapy & Co team as a full time Occupational Therapist, following completion of her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree at Australian Catholic University.

Sarah is enthusiastic and passionate about working with children and adolescents in order for them to reach their full potential and participate in all aspects of their lives. Sarah loves using creative and fun ideas alongside therapy to achieve goals and outcomes for each client. Sarah has previous clinical experience in paediatrics and has completed her training in the Spalding Method. Throughout her studies, Sarah volunteered in multiple disability organisations designed to assist individuals in completing a variety of extracurricular activities including horse riding and drama.

Outside of her work life, Sarah is a passionate animal lover, loves to play the guitar and enjoys going on hikes and camping with her friends and family.


Michelle Tabrett 

Educational Therapist – 20 years as experienced teacher | Maths & Literacy specialist

Michelle is the lead Educational Therapist at Sydney Therapy & Co, with 20 years experience in teaching; she is passionate about advocating the needs of students with learning difficulties. Michelle has completed her training with IMSLE in the MSL approach and has completed online Training for Special Education Needs. She has also completed several courses in comprehension and maths difficulties with SPELD NSW and is a recommended SPELD tutor.

As an Educational Therapist Michelle provides intervention for students experiencing difficulty with reading, writing and spelling. She specialises in helping children with dyslexia using evidence based, systematic phonics instruction, ie. MSL (multi-sensory language) therapy. Each lesson is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the child in the areas of literacy and numeracy; from early primary years though to Year 12.

As a Lane Cove local mother of two, Michelle is an organiser for the Lane Cove Fun Run and loves giving back to the Lane Cove Community.