Homework Collective – Afterschool homework + skills

Homework Collective is an initiative to get homework out of the nag and drag and into a positive and productive space! 

What if you child was keen and ready to sit down and get homework done?

How would it change their time if they could learn skills at the same time so homework more that school work?

As professionals working in the space of language & literacy as well as organisation, planning, and time management we want to see  kids with a healthy growth mind set about homework.

Our job alongside our tutors is to utilise homework as a skill instead of a drag. This means we are using homework as a tool to teach:

  • how to prioritise tasks
  • learn to problem solve so they learn how to tackle tasks (not give up!)
  • demonstrate how to understand questions and break them down (math included!)
  • work on brainstorming, mind maps, scaffolds and chunking tasks
  • teach deadlines, time management and planning alongside school tasks
  • model diary use, reminders and structure for homework
  • make it fun and easy to work alongside us and other kids

We have designed this with your child in mind. To bring back skills that help homework BUT more than that our philosophy is to teach them to have a growth mindset so that they may gain  life skills at the same time that will mean more than homework.

This is a great opportunity to let you be the parent and let us be that coach for homework.

Book in a time slot that suits to get started. For the 10 weeks of term you can choose weekly times on:

Mondays: 3pm-6pm Homework Collective (mix of k-3; yr 4- 6) + high school any time after 4:30.

Tuesdays 3pm-5:45pmTutor for Primary & High school  (INDIVIDUAL + group)

Thursdays : 3pm  – 5:45 Homework Collective (mix of k-3; yr 4- 6) + high school any time after 4:30.

Primary school sessions $45 (60-75 – Weekly for the term)

High school sessions $69 (group) (75 min – Weekly for the term)

Individual Tutoring $95/hr (Upper Primary & High school) Mon/Tue only

Max 4 people with a specialist – 6 with specialist and tutor.

We have a upper primary & high school subject specific expert who is with us Monday and Tuesdays with speciality in science and maths. Ask us how to book her in !


If the times above don’t suit feel free to give us a call to let us know. We are happy to provide morning groups as well (8:00-8:45) for those that want that option.